Man’s Best Friend

Dustin and I have been married for a little over 2 years now. When we were dating I decided to “gift” him with a kitten. A friend of mine had found some strays, and was giving them away. I thought it would be a great surprise for him. Well wild cats and apartment living doesn’t mix. Eventually after a couple of months Meow came to live with Dustin’s parents.

In the country animals roam free, and Meow was no exception. The downfall is that there are a lot of other animals that roam free. Meow only made it two weeks in the country life. We aren’t sure if he had been eaten by a coyote or if he just ran away.

Fast forward to when we moved across the street from Dustin’s parents. We had talked about getting a dog, and we both said we didn’t want an inside dog because a) the hair and b) the bathroom issues. If we did an outside dog though we would need to do a fence. We both said what kind of dogs that we would like to have. At this point I can’t remember what Dustin said, I know that I had always wanted a great pyrenees. Great pyrenees are known for being herders, and being great with children. That is why I wanted one.

We also had to discuss the fact we are not home a whole lot. Between our love for traveling, and always going to sporting events it wouldn’t be fair for us to have a dog. Or so we thought.

Dustin periodically goes across the street to see how his family is doing, and hangs out with them. One day when he went over there there was a new addition. Her name was Gizmo. She had been abandoned by her previous owner who couldn’t take care of her anymore. Dustin’s stepdad decided to take her in. Gizmo and Dustin hit it off. She would hug him and love on him whenever he came over.

IMG_20180925_073456677 (1)

One day I got a text from Dustin that said he wanted me to meet Gizmo, and if we hit it off he wanted to keep her. When I first met her she did the same thing to me, hugged me and loved all over me. I had hesitations about her coming to live with us. I am pregnant and due in January, and what I hear about small dogs is they get jealous of babies. But how excited Dustin was about her, and the fact that she is 9 years old and is house broken made me cave in. We got her when we got back from vacation.

It has been an exciting month and a half since we have had Gizmo. To be more accurate one should spell her name D-I-V-A because she is a diva. She has taken over the couch and the love seat in the living room, is an excellent vacuum cleaner when it comes to the kitchen, and has officially taken over my bed. She is our little shadow. She is not a fan of the computer, but is a big fan of the baby bump.


I didn’t realize how alone I was in the afternoons when Dustin was gone until we got her. She keeps me company, and is also my little space heater (not that I need one right now). I pray that she will be able to make the adjustment when little man comes. Otherwise she is gonna have to go.