Welcome to the crazy, wonderful world that I call my life. I decided to start blogging to have an outlet to the world – to share the good, bad, and the ugly for those of you “on the line.” You may find this inspiring, cheesy, informative, or a waste of your time. Whatever the outcome is, thanks for joining.

I’ll be sharing abut my life with seizures, being a mom (I’m due with our first in January 2019), travel, sports (we are a HUGE sports family, hence the name Stitches and Laces), good books (or bad), food that we live off of, and offers that you may find helpful or useful to you.

Please feel free to pass this blog on to anyone you may know that would benefit from this page!

When life gives you lemons, accept them graciously. – Unknown469688_10100255694689792_519505444_o