Stitches and Laces

The ole hubs asked me why “Stitches and Laces”. September is a great month for us when it comes to sports. Baseball is nearing the end – this is the time of the year that they really step up their game to make the final push to get in the post season. Football is starting up. And EVERYONE in the South is excited about that. It never fails that during the month of September we have a football game going or a baseball game going on the television every single night.

But it is so much more than just sports. A baseball has stitches that holds the leather together at the seams. And just like the stitches in the baseball we have “stitches” that hold us together when it comes to certain areas of our lives. If you are like me you keep those “stitches” as tight as possible and let very few people in. A football has laces. Those laces help the quarterback grip the ball to help him get the ball to his teammates. I have a few people that are the “laces” in my life – they are my soundboard, they help me get through the struggles, tell me when I am being crazy, and help me get through this rollercoaster ride called life.

I am learning slowly that I need my “stitches” to become a little bit more lose, and to add a few more “laces” to my arsenal.

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