Vulnerable State of Mind

I am about to show the vulnerable side of me, and for me that is not easy. I enjoy keeping that locked away so no one knows I have it – just ask my husband.

Have you ever gotten the Holy Spirit in you? I know this is a question that some people don’t understand. It’s a feeling that I can’t really explain in words, but I am going to try to. From time to time I have been called, and it has come from deep within me. I have no idea  where it comes from. Normally it is saying you need to get it together in the spiritual aspect of your life.

I recently had the Holy Spirit in me kicking me in the pants saying get your act together. Yes I go to church, but I don’t participate in church. I am a warm body on a pew getting my check mark for being in attendance. Having a little one makes it hard to focus on the sermon from time to time – I check in and out periodically of what the preacher is saying. Singing currently is where I get most of my worship on. As soon as church is over we leave because we have things that HAVE to get done – worldly things winning I know.

In my “Holy  Spirit kick in the pants” session I also discovered I am not doing anything to further the work of the Lord. This is something that I don’t want to overstep my bounds with people. I don’t want to be the Bible thumping girl that is going around telling people they are going to Hell if they don’t do this and this and this. What I do like is how when talking with people it naturally comes up in conversation. But here lately that has dropped off because I sometimes don’t see people other than children and the people that I serve at a restaurant I work at part time.

We started going to a church that does a lot of work in the community. We aren’t members there, but I enjoy that they do so much work in the community to further the work of the Lord. The people that do this work you can see the fire in their eyes and hearts. I found out that I have been missing this in my life.

I bought a book a little while back because I thought it would be good (and I have a problem with buying things when I go to bookstores). It’s called Cheers to the Diaper Years. When I saw this I thought “hey I am currently going through this, lets see what it has to offer.” I bought it and I read a few chapters and forgot about it because you know life happened. After I got kicked in the pants I decided to pick it up again, and see what the book had to offer. I finished it in about 3 days. The book spoke to me. It talked about the good, bad, and the ugly of being a parent. AND had a lot of wisdom from the Word in there. One thing I haven’t done in this journey in parenthood is cried out to Jesus to take the wheel. Oh I have cried out to him, but it’s normally the “why is my child still screaming, why won’t he go to sleep, why are we up for the 16th time this night” – why, why, why is basically my calling out. I haven’t given Jesus the wheel to take, and I need to turn to Him more.

Let me also say that I like to read, and a lot of books don’t “speak” to me. It made some valid points that I needed in my life, and I do believe it was the Holy Spirit working in me and opening my heart and my eyes to see what I needed to do. I had a teacher in college that I loved. Going to a Christian school I sometimes thought the teachers were a little goody-two shoes and never did anything wrong in life. This teacher was not a goody-two shoes by any means. He told us all kinds of ways he failed in his spiritual and physical life – he knew how to relate to some college kids trying to find their way. In one of our classes which was business leadership he had us read the book of Proverbs and keep a journal of what verses stuck out to us. He also told us that every month that has 31 days that he does this, and gets a different nugget of knowledge every time. Back then it was just an assignment I had to do to get a grade. I decided since July has 31 days that I would try this 31 day journey out. So far I am on the right track – I have made it 2 days 🙂

I say all of this to say that I am going to work on getting my spiritual life back on track. It’s one area that I don’t need to have take a backseat ride being that this will be defining me if I get to see the pearly gates or not. Getting back into working with the community is something that I have missed, and my dear friend Gilda would be super upset with me for not doing my due diligence of helping people out and letting people see the disciple live out in me.

When I went to Gilda’s court date for the sentencing of the girl that killed her in the car crash last year I got to hear some wise words spoken by her husband. He said that the day it happened he had been going through his mom’s things with his siblings (his mom passed away 3 weeks prior to this), and when he got home Gilda knew he was mentally and physically drained. The last words that she spoke to him were these: “Are you sure you don’t want to go volunteer? It will always make your heart happy.”  Volunteering and community leadership was her calling in life, and by golly she was amazing at it. I hope that one day people will look back on me, and say that I had the fire to make a difference in the community and Jesus could be seen in me.


Appreciate the Small Things

Guess who is back? Back again…OK enough of the Slim Shady references but it has been a long time. When people say it is hard work with a newborn they were not joking – our biggest problem is getting where we need to go and getting there in a timely manner. We have been going what seems like nonstop, and now that I have sat down to do a little writing I hear my little one trying to wake up from a nap – go figure hah!

We are officially 6 months (WOWZAS) in to our adventure with our wee (big) one. Kinda crazy that we have also kept this kid alive for that long. Somehow we have survived. This has been the best, most stressful, loving days I have ever experienced. My favorite is when we get up in the mornings, and he wraps his little arm around me and gives me a hug – heart melting moment. I have learned that there are not nearly enough hours in a day to get everything I want to done. For Valentine’s Day I got a sewing machine…it took me about a month to get together what I wanted to sew for little man, and we are going on 5 months of me not having it fully set up so no go on getting items sewn for said little man.

Between working a part time gig at a local restaurant, trying to keep my house from looking like an F-5 tornado came through, and keeping XL alive and entertained there isn’t a whole lot of time to just be me. I look forward to the showers that I get to take that he is not awake for, don’t get me wrong it is fun having someone babble to me the entire time I shower but I also like the solitude of not having any noise while I take a shower.

Here lately we have been hanging with my best friend’s kids. I am helping her out this summer (or trying to make myself more crazy) and watching her kids a few times a week. He is learning ALL kinds of things from them. I am learning that he doesn’t want to miss out on anything, and doesn’t believe in the art of naps while hanging out with them. In my two weeks of doing this job it has been eye-opening. Little boys are fun, their momma and daddy have done a fine job of raising them (they have a 7 year old and twin 4 year olds), and sometimes there isn’t enough food in this world to satisfy them.

I am also learning a lot from these boys. They are teaching me all about appreciating the small things in life, and being grateful for what we have been given. You see these boys have had great joy taken from them. They found out they were having a baby brother and shortly after the boys found out that sweet baby boy went to go see Jesus. Here and there when I have been around them they have talked about their baby brother and how he is with Jesus now. Last week while at the park I was told by the oldest that XL is like the brother they never had. Cue waterworks. All they want to do is love on him, and help him do everything. It’s the small things.


New Year’s To Remember

It has been a while since I was last here, and that is for good reason. Life has been a little busy here lately.

When I went to the doctor in the middle of December I got scheduled for a C-Section on January 4th. I was put in high risk because of my seizures and ended up having to go to the Dr twice a week, once to get an ultrasound to make sure little man was good and the other one was to monitor the contractions and his heart rate.

My Dr knew that I had asked around the 12 week mark if I could have him on December 31. I used to work with a guy that was born on the first, and he said it was absolute torture. I was wanting December 31st because everyone in the world celebrates to bring in the New Year, and it would also work out with our sports schedule – I know I am not normal. Everyone else thought I wanted that day for tax purposes…that never even crossed my mind.

December 30th the Titans played the Colts at home. December 31st Vanderbilt was playing UNC Asheville which I was fine with missing that one, and they started SEC games earlier than normal with Ole Miss on the 5th. I knew I wouldn’t be able to make that one.

When the Titans were playing the Colts the game got flexed to Sunday night since both teams were playing for a playoff spot. I wasn’t going to miss this game, even though I was 38 weeks and some change pregnant. This was a HUGE game. The game was a let down to say the least. We ended up losing, and it was not in a pretty fashion. We got home around 1 AM on December 31st.


That night while sleeping I started having some pretty strange pains that woke me up. They weren’t pleasant at all, and I knew they weren’t contractions. I went back and forth in my head if I was even going to wake Dustin up and have us go to the hospital. I decided since I had a Dr’s appointment first thing in the morning that I would be fine. I get up after minimal amount of sleep to get dressed, and I talked with Dustin to see if he wanted to go to this appointment with me.

I thought I was getting an ultrasound on this one to see how big he was going to be before we met him on Friday. (I ended up being wrong about that – it was just to monitor little man.) We decided that he would go with me to this appointment, and then we would go out to eat for breakfast afterwards, do a little shopping, and just have a little “us” time before there was no more “us” time.

When we arrived at the Dr office they called me back pretty quickly. They took my blood pressure before they hooked me up to the monitor…it was slightly elevated. I think it was 135/92. I had my twenty minutes of listening to contractions and heart beat, and then got to go back to the regular room. I got my blood pressure taken again and it was 142/85. The nurse made a comment about it, but I didn’t think anything about it. In walks the Dr, and said “let’s have a baby today”. Dustin said the look on my face was priceless. I even asked the Dr if she was joking. She wasn’t. She asked me when the last time I ate was, and told us she was calling labor and delivery so they had a room waiting on us.

Talk about major panic mode setting in. I was not mentally prepared for this…I was mentally prepared for him to come on Friday. We end up at the hospital, and the poor girl that took our information wasn’t very good at listening because she sent me to the ER area instead of sending me up to labor and delivery. In the ER they were going to run a bunch of lab work to see about preeclampsia. Luckily I stopped that, and my room was ready.

Once up there we were told I would have my C-Section around 3. They decided to move it up to 2. They took me back, and gave me a spinal tap. The guy that was helping with it had a Texas Rangers lanyard on, and I made a terrible joke. Then he told me he was a Cowboys fan, and I told him I couldn’t talk to him anymore. Spinal taps are no joke…my feet went numb almost immediately. They let Dustin in the room in his nice little surgical scrubs. They told him I was cracking jokes, and he threw me under the bus telling them I was nervous. They realized that once they saw my heart rate at approximately 115.

It was go time. Little man arrived at 2:39 PM on December 31. He was 10 lbs 5 oz, and was 21 1/4 inches long. The Dr told us after the fact that the nice man with the Rangers lanyard on had to push him out of me because he was so large. They also hadn’t seen a baby that big in a long time so the nurses were trying to guess how big he was. One nurse came super close – she said 10 lbs 6 oz.

By far this has been the best NYE ever! I wouldn’t change it for the world. The running joke now is that the Titans sent me into labor – which it probably did have a little bit to do with it. He is almost a month old now, and we are kinda settling into a routine. He is still a chunkster, and is super long. We are on our way out of 0-3 month clothing on our way to 3-6 months. He is in the 90% + in all categories. Here’s to the next 18 years of sleepless nights with this nugget!!

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Birthdays and Christmas

All of my life I have heard that if you have a December birthday it is terrible. According to them everyone puts their birthday and Christmas presents together. I do not have this problem since my birthday is almost exactly 6 months away from Christmas.

Dustin on the other hand didn’t get so lucky. His birthday is December 19th. Since we have been together I have tried to set his birthday apart from Christmas. By doing so he normally gets a trip for his birthday, and other presents for Christmas. The trips in the past have been day trips to Memphis to see the grizzlies play and hang out and eat all the good food that is offered there. Two years ago we went to Spokane to see Gonzaga play, and hang out with friends of mine. And yes there is normally sports involved when we take these trips. 🙂

This year there was a bump in the road. I tried to get our annual Memphis trip together since the Mavericks would be playing the grizzlies in November, but I didn’t get my life together to get the tickets in a timely manner. Which that actually worked out for the better since Dustin started driving for UPS right before we would have gone for the day/night. We also talked about going somewhere with just the two of us before baby X gets here, and well that hasn’t worked out either.

So I decided since I couldn’t get my life together and get a trip going I would let him choose this year where we went, and it would have to be after the baby is born. I put together a book and gave him the options of Nashville (staycation), Memphis, Chattanooga, or Gatlinburg. We have done almost all of Memphis together, and almost all of Gatlinburg together. I wanted to include them because well you just can’t go wrong with your favorites.

I have attached pictures for you to see the book. The first thought I had was to get brochures of all the places we could go. This back fired on me immediately. I drove over an hour to a rest stop to see what they had in the form of that, and it was not what I wanted. Next thought was to go scrap booking stickers. It would’ve been cheaper if I could have drawn things, but I am by no means a drawer. Stick figures don’t even look like stick figures when I draw them.

Once I got the destinations, activities, places to eat, and places to stay together I had some space leftover. I got to thinking that if he didn’t want to do a trip I needed to add something here. That’s when coupons and gift cards came to mind. If he wanted to do the trip then the gift cards and coupons would be for Christmas since we haven’t really discussed doing gifts this year.

On the front page I wrote him a little note stating how sorry I was I let things fall through the cracks getting his birthday present together like I have in the past. Then it went into what he was supposed to do: pick out one place to go, 3-4 things to do in the city, and 2 (or more) places to eat. Then I separated it by the cities and activities. Since we live on the outskirts of Nashville I didn’t put any places to stay on there. I gathered all my ideas from either Pinterest or google. You can check out my Pinterest boards if you are interested in going to any of the cities I have mentioned for ideas of things to do, and places to eat. I also knew some of the staples that we stop at when we go to Memphis and Gatlinburg so I went ahead and added those since we know we can’t go there without making a stop at these places.

After the pages that are about a trip ended I left him a little note that told him if he didn’t like this idea here was something else for him to enjoy. During pregnancy he has picked up a lot of slack around the house and with his job. So on the coupons I put that he gets to get out of chores, gets a free night with friends, etc. Then I gave him gift cards to area places: Dicks, Best Buy, Chili’s, Old Navy, and Lowe’s.

He ended up opening his present early because we maybe having another present arrive on his birthday. We found out yesterday that our little man is not so little, and that we will be picking a date to have him. He is currently weighing in at almost 9 lbs and we still have 4 weeks til we get to 40. If we can get next Wednesday then that will be the route we go, and Dustin and X will share the same birthday. For now I will need to get my life together and prepare for a baby to enter the world and perhaps get my messy house in order 🙂

A Day of Thanks

It has been a hot second since I have been on here, and that is all for good reason. I started substitute teaching for the biggest school district in Tennessee. It is also the most under funded school district it seems like. When I went to orientation for this they told us that 78% of the children pre-k through 12th grade were considered to have a learning disability. My mind was blown.

I have worked now off and on for two weeks. The first week I only worked two days. I had high school and elementary school. High school I didn’t really know what I was getting into. It is a school that is closest to us in mileage so I took it. I didn’t know that it was one of the worst schools in the district going in. I had freshman mostly with a few sophomores mixed in. Some of the freshmen still acted as if they were still in middle school, but they weren’t too bad for me. One class in particular stuck out to me.

The class that stuck out to me was the honors English class I had. One kid was leading a pretty in-depth conversation. He was talking about how because they are a predominately lower class school they were expected to become drug dealers, to use drugs, or just not do anything with their lives. Their mission was to break the cycle. They had dreams. They also got off on the subject of kids coming out of the closet, and that they knew people that wouldn’t because they needed their parents who they knew wouldn’t accept them anymore if they did “come out of the closet.”  The conversation ended with the same guy talking about how he was working on his relationship with his mother. She wanted him to become a doctor or a lawyer, but that wasn’t what he wanted to be. He had been working on putting together YouTube videos since he was 12 to build a portfolio for when he graduated to do something in that area. I was blown away by their conversation. There is adults that can’t carry on conversations and talk about topics like they were in an orderly manner even when some of them didn’t agree with the opinions they had.

The next day I got to go to an elementary school. When I was in elementary school we had less than 100 kids total in the entire school Kindergarten through 5th grade. This school had 60+ kids per grade that went there. This was also my first time having an aid in the classroom with me while subbing. This was the day that I learned that aids can be a great thing for a sub or they could be a subs worse nightmare. Elementary kids are cool because they still like to do their work. There maybe one kid out of twenty that doesn’t want to do their work, but hey there’s always one in every crowd. Until you get an aid in the classroom that is just as wild if not wilder than the children in the class. Not only are you having to take care of the children, but you are having to take care of the adult that is acting worse than the children. Thankfully that aid didn’t last that long in the class, and a new one came in.

I had an eye opening experience at this school too. I had a dad bring in cupcakes for his little girl. I asked her if it was her birthday, and she responded no. She then proceeded to tell me that he does things like this from time to time because he will be gone to rehab for a couple weeks ever so often, and it’s his way of making up for it. She was in the 4th grade. I realized that day that I still lived under a rock for the most part in my sheltered world. This wouldn’t be the first time this got pointed out to me.

The next week I ended up working 4 days. 4 days for an 8 month pregnant lady is a lot of work. Shout out to you ladies that work up until you deliver. You’re the real MVP. That Tuesday I was with high school again. It was by far the easiest I had and would have. I got lucky, and got one of my friend that used to work at the school his old classes. When I told them I was friends with him they were ready to bow down to me because they thought I could get him to come back and teach them. Sadly he isn’t coming back to them, and they have to deal with the teacher that they all loathe.

Wednesday I was at the middle school that fed into the high school I was at the previous day. I didn’t exactly know what class I had signed up for, but I quickly realized it was going to be a challenge. I had the special needs class. Luckily I didn’t have them by myself. There were two other people in their with me. If you know anyone that teaches special needs kids or helps out with them give them a hug, a high five, a shout-out, or something because they really are a gift from God. There are no words to explain how you handle almost 10 kids at one time that do not have the same disabilities. Structure is definitely key when it comes to teaching them, but with them the day is never the same. Needless to say I was mentally exhausted after being with them all day, and I didn’t even do a whole lot in my book.

Thursday and Friday I was a lot closer to home. I was also in middle school. I was the same teacher two days in a row, and I thought I knew what I was getting into. Middle school kids are the definition of cray cray, and also the definition of can’t listen. I learned that this school was in the bottom 5 of the district. The children were very interested in me being pregnant, and I even had one child ask me how I got pregnant. That question caused a very stern reaction from me when I said I wasn’t discussing that with her. I had one rule for them, and that was to go easy on the cussing. I got told that everyone cusses these days, and if you didn’t you weren’t from the 21st Century. I guess this meant I wasn’t from the 21st Century. These children worked my nerves. They couldn’t keep their hands to themselves, and some of them actually acted like animals – I wish I was kidding. They also liked to skip class. I ended up with a lot of extra children because they wanted to come hangout in my class instead of going to the class that they were supposed to be in.

Progress reports also went out while I was there. I didn’t know it was possible for someone to score less than a 30 in a subject until I saw some of these reports where it had less than a 10 in some classes. With being 8 months pregnant, and this being middle school I couldn’t just leave them and go to the bathroom. There has to be someone in the class at all times. I would have to wait for an admin to come to the classroom so I could go to the bathroom. They were more than understanding when it came to my bathroom breaks. When I left there I apologized for how crazy the kids were, and I was told that I actually had the most control over them then the other people that had subbed for them. If they were “good” for me I would hate to see how much worse it could get.

While I had been trying to get as many jobs I could get, I forgot that my immune system was not prepared for children. Especially children that want to touch you all the time, that always have a runny nose, that sneeze on you, or cough on you without even thinking twice about it. I started to feel a little bad so I started taking over the counter items that I can take due to pregnancy. You are limited in what you can take when you are pregnant, and a lot of things they offer over the counter do not work for me at all. I thought I could fight it with shoveling OTC’s into my system, but that was wishful thinking.

I was hanging on pretty good until Saturday hit, and I lost my voice. It randomly hit out of nowhere. I already had the runny nose, a sore throat, and a little cough. I knew what was coming next, a full blown sinus infection. Monday of this week I broke down and went to the Dr to get antibiotics which is the only thing that will ever help. I was told previously by the baby Dr that while in your third trimester your immune system goes down for yourself, but it takes care of your baby because that is it’s first priority. It took forever for me to get some drugs that would work for pregnancy and also not interact with my seizures.

The antibiotics are finally starting to knock out the snot, but not doing a whole lot for my voice and my cough I still have. I have finally cut back on the amount of tissues I am using. I did try Robitussin last night to see if that would help with the cough – it took my entire voice away. At maximum volume for me it was barely a whisper you could hear when I was talking, and I don’t whisper! I decided to not go that route, and hopefully between hot tea and cough drops the voice and cough will get better.

Today is Thanksgiving, and I have had two weeks to be ultra thankful for all the good that I have in my life. These last two weeks have also brought about some eye-opening experiences as well as a lot of prayers for children that I probably will never see again. I hope that some of these children do find their own path and march to the beat of their own drum instead of following in the steps of those before them. Little man has also made his presence more known this week, and is starting to get super active where you can see it if I am just sitting down. It really does look like an alien is in my stomach! I hope you guys got to enjoy some time with your loved ones, and put your “Thanksgiving pants” on and feasted like Kings and Queens!! Until next time 🙂

Confessions of a Pregnant Lady

I got to admit it’s a little scary being pregnant. My morning sickness and the craziness that comes with pregnancy has been at a bare minimum compared to other women. What I mean  by that is there is a tiny human inside of me that I am responsible for taking care of before it is even out in the world.

It is strange how a child that you are growing can sense/feel what you are experiencing yourself. When I found out that I was pregnant the first thing I did was tell my bosses. I worked with controlled substances, and no longer wanted a part of handling those so I told them up front. I was 5 weeks pregnant when I told them. They ended up cleaning house, and it was just two of us working there. This went on for 5 months with just two of us working – getting all the day to day things done, and doing extra jobs when we could find time for them. It got to the point between months five and six of being pregnant that I was so stressed out about just going to work that my son was in overdrive in the kicking department. It was like he was sending me a sign that said “yo! take it easy, you’ve got me to take care of!”

This went on for about a month of him continuously kicking me every day non-stop. One day things finally hit the fan, and I was done. I couldn’t take the stress any more. I left for lunch, and never came back. Little man still kicks me periodically, but nothing compares to the beating I was taking during that month.

Now that I have had a month off of working, and my house is somewhat clean most of the time it is time for me to go back to work. The hubs is really excited about this. I was the breadwinner when I quit. He is working part-time currently at UPS for insurance, and is waiting for his call to the “big leagues” of full-time. Not my best move on quitting my job since bills don’t stop, but it was the best thing for our child and to keep him healthy.

I am a nervous wreck. I am going to be a substitute teacher. I have done this before years ago for a school that I graduated high school from, and I was already employed there while I was going to college. This is different. I am not going to know any of the teachers, and for the most part it will be a different school every time. At least starting out it will be. Next week I have high school and elementary school. Then I work in middle school in the following weeks.

If I sleep Tuesday night it might be a miracle. School starts for high school at 7:05 in the mornings, and I have to be there early. It also takes me over an hour to get ready now to look presentable to the world – most of the time I rock the I’m pregnant and can’t get my life together look. Being pregnant in the third trimester has been hard in the exhausted department. On a “normal” day I get up around 6:30-7:30. If I don’t have anywhere to be that day then I am good without taking a nap. If I have somewhere to go I am ready for a nap about 2-3 hours after I have been awake just from taking a shower and getting ready. This next week is going to be a big shocker to me.

When I work housework tends to go to the wayside. Going to admit I am not very good at keeping a clean house anyways, but it is even worse when I do work. Dishes don’t get done, the laundry piles up, you can’t see the counter tops or the kitchen table because it is used to house items that don’t belong on them, cooking dinner is out the door. Perhaps this will be a sign of things to come when the baby comes – dirty house, exhaustion, and barely making it through life. I hear these are some of the things you experience with a newborn.

Wednesday we reach single digits with the pregnancy. I will be 31 weeks. The next nine weeks are going to fly by especially with the holidays coming up, and all the running around we do with that. Not to mention we have other obligations that were already in place before we found out we were pregnant. I will more than likely survive, but I have a feeling it is going to be a bumpy ride. 🙂


The Best of the Best Flea Market Edition

When I was younger my parents would take me to various flea markets, and I hated it. Nothing interested me, but since I was along for the ride I couldn’t complain. I remember being in middle school and we went to one. We came home with guineas. Not the pigs, but the fowls (birds). The idea was that these birds were going to help with the tick population that we had in our yard. They didn’t last long at our house – the other wildlife we had decided they were good to feast on. And the ticks prevailed.


During my early twenties I moved out of the house to live with a friend that needed help with bills, and I needed to get out. She was the one that first introduced me to the flea market in Nashville. Prior to this I don’t think I had ever gone to the state fairgrounds. She decided to take me to the “big one in October.” It was a group of us, and it was tons of fun. I got all of my Christmas shopping done on that trip to the flea market. I am one of those that LOVES to get my Christmas shopping done before November 1st if I can help it. Currently I have accomplished that except for Dustin’s immediate family – we get theirs on Black Friday.

This year at seven months pregnant I decided to go again. This has been dubbed the best one to go to if you are going to go to the flea market. There has to be over 500 vendors at this one with them being inside and outside. They pack the grounds. Brittany decided so that we wouldn’t have to walk far up the hill that we would get there when it opened. We got off the interstate around 6:45 AM, and once we got closer it was already backed up a little bit with people trying to get in to park.

Going in I didn’t know what I was looking for or if I was looking for anything at all. Dustin had given me a budget of what I could spend. When we arrived we went to the first set of vendors that were closest to us, it was at that point my bladder decided to stop working for the day. The good news is that Brittany knows where all the bathrooms are located so it wasn’t too terrible.

We make our way through all of the buildings. Brittany had to get some cups made that they do on the spot, but she has it down to a science as to what time she needs to hit them up so the cups will be ready when we leave. 5 hours later we are ready to hit the road. 5 hours later and this pregnant lady was exhausted.

I ended up getting items for dirty Santa that we do with one side of the family. I go back and forth every year with nice house items and funny gifts. This year was the nice house items. One of the ladies I purchased from was super sweet. She was talking to me about the nursery and what I had planned to do with it. We are doing baseball and American flags because well baseball is America’s favorite past time, and we love baseball. She said that when she was able to move into a house she was going to use her late husband’s fireman’s gear and memorabilia to set up a room for her grandsons. (Insert a few waterworks) It’s people like this that make going to the flea market also fun. I love talking to people that are personal, but then again I am super extroverted. Below is what I got for dirty Santa. I may play my cards where I get the TriStar to hang up in our home 🙂

The other things that I purchased was some items to be used for little man’s newborn photography session. I have been going to Pinterest to get some ideas of what I liked. The ones I like use an old coke crate, and I was able to score one of those for fairly cheap. The best purchase of the day was a blanket that we will use for newborn pictures, and also use it as one of his blankets. It has all the old school NFL logos on it, including the Titans who were the Houston Oilers back in the day.


I made it out of the flea market with a dollar to spare. There are some items I didn’t get pictures of, and the food that I purchased. When we left the amount of people that were there was about the same as the amount of people that were waiting in line on the interstate to go. There is three entrances to get in, and they were all crazy backed up. I am thankful that we got there when we did.

I probably won’t make it back to another flea market until next October. I have basically made this flea market my one and only time to go. The new fairgrounds are undecided since we are getting a MLS stadium at this location, but if you are ever in Nashville when it is time for the “big one in October” I highly recommend going to it. Just remember to get there early.